The play format will be round robin, in flighted brackets.
No add scoring at FIRST deuce (40-40). Receiving team chooses from which side of the court they desire to return the serve when the deciding point is played.
  1. Doubles matches only (no singles matches). If you need a partner, please contact us.
  2. Best 2 out of 3 sets (match over when either team wins two sets)
  3. Regular “7-point tiebreaker” (first team to win 7 points with a margin of 2 or more points) at 6-6 of each set
  4. Third set, if needed, will be a “10-point tiebreaker” (first team to win 10 points with a margin of 2 or more points)
  5. Round robin play. Each team will play all teams in their brackets. Final matches between teams from different groups possible.
  6. At minimum 4 matches per team. More matches possible.
  7. Groups will be divided as close to the level of players as we can accommodate (based on the USTA rating provided during sign-up and any other information we receive from the players). Teams will be allocated to groups based on the level of the higher rated player in the team.
  8. 5 minute warm-up
  9. All rules will be strictly enforced by the tournament officials
Tie breakers for bracket placement are as follows
  1. Greatest number of wins
  2. Head to head result if only two teams are tied
  3. % of sets won
  4. % of games won
  5. Coin toss